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  • Kitty O' Shea's, County Schuman, Brussels. Sipping the Sham-Rock, Tuesday March 17 2009 (Printed in full in today's Bulletin)
    Bulletin (03/26)
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A living saint whom I loved and admired
 I WAS astounded to read in your paper that Karol Jozef Wojtyla, alias, John Paul II, is being beatified by Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, alias, Benedict XVI.

It is somewhat ironic that the church is very slow to act on matters, such as its myriad trail of abuse from its then absolute power, which corrupted absolutely. Karol Wojtyla was a great man in his own right, not least, in his alliance with Ronald Reagan in accelerating the demise of the Soviet Union.The only saint we need is St Paddy and beatify Fr Ted Crilly and Bishop Len Brennan.

My father Jerry, died suddenly on my 44th birthday last October 24. Whatever about the merits of Karol Wojtyla, I can say with certainty that Jerry Connolly was a living saint who just got on with things selflessly for the benefit of others without any profit, motive, nor any need or desire of pontificating piety from vested interests.

That humanity actually has real meaning. I’ll never reach his level of earnest endeavour, but at least I have a standard to measure against and fail better in future.

David Connolly
Togher Road


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Memo to Hawking : There's Still Room for God. By Roger Scruton WSJE Sept 27 2010.
Roger Scruton provides a compelling narrative of the universal plural question of “How did the universe begin ?”, or the one of the multiverse in which this planet Earth orbits it’s star known as the sun at it’s centre, at least.

Unfortunately he does himself a disservice of creationist-intelligent design bias, perhaps unintentionally. To wit: “There is no room for the creator, since there is no need for him. The laws of physics do it all by themselves”, this, being a reasonable interpretation of Hawking’s position.  And later asking , “what created the laws of physics ?” How is it that these strange and powerful laws alone, apply to the world”. The World of What ?, the known solar world certainly, powerful, yes, strange only to those that try to treat them as rules that can be bent or laws defied. Still, who needs a room if one has the universe to chose from, a waste of space surely ?

The question conspicuous by it’s absence is what created the “Him Creator” ?, does Mr. Scruton know or perceive something exclusive beyond the final frontier of human thought ?

I was born and involuntarily baptized into the Irish Church of Rome, in Cork in 1966 also known as the Roman Catholic Church in it’s local dioceses, abdicating it’s universal declared omnipotence. I have fully recovered from this start in life. My belief has gravitationally evolved to conclude that religion requires study and humanity faith. I am just glad to have never suffered for gravitational truth as the Roman Catholic promulgated heretic Galileo did. In 1632 for promoting heliocentrism as “false and contrary to scripture”, he suffered the ignominy of willful ignorance of political-clerical science fiction. That inquisition’s penalty was house arrest until his death in 1642.

To pray is to implore the suspension of the laws of the universe upon the plaintive pleading of a single penitent, confessedly unworthy to an omnipotent being.

To close Roger Scruton’s open argument of treating faith and reason as mutually exclusive as an either/or proposition, why not evolve to a closed loop of faith in reason ? A mind is best used like an aerodynamic-gravitational parachute, when opened. None are so blind as those that will not see what they cannot know for certain, no matter how creative their narrative. Religion as a philosophy is intellectually benign and morally beneficial earthly magnetic compass as in, “love thy neighbor”. Religion as a faith in general and a monotheist monopoly faith in particular, cosmic or secular, is intellectually bankrupt and a morally nefarious earthly magnetic compass in a convective thunderstorm , as in, “identify sectarian difference and attack it”, in a world at war. Optimal man standing spinal 1G gravity is an intellectual armistice of universal by law of faith in not pretending to know that of which the ignorant are sure.  It is surely better to be uncertain of our position and know it rather than to be certain of where we are not…QED !


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Flight's blatant anti-Americanism by Douglas Jackson via email (aren't we all now ?) Flight International 2-8 March 2010
Douglas Jackson’s perception from a mediocre Flight on-line poll as to weather Boeing or Airbus has the upper hand in a pending United widebody order, says more about his emotional hyper-sensitivity of Flight’s un-American Activities. United’s only economic advantage is that it’s not Greek where GDP in Greek translates as Greek Decimal Point.

Boeing builds the best aircraft because non-stop LROPS flights in any direction from a strata-Q Seattle populated with the religious right, PC and paranoid morbidly obese provides unparalleled aeronautical inspiration to be the best.

Boeing evolved from being a primary designer to a global systems integrator, the product is central, it’s nationality is GlobalUS. Airbus, with a 50+/-% US content is aspiring to be a global Boeing or Globus, but is still hostage to Euro-Franco-German politics of work share and the product itself is secondary. Only recently it is a single CEO entity of EADS, instead of a Franco-German Co-CEO being no CEO. It’s Chinese, Tianjin A-320 assembly line is a step in the right currency hedge direction at least.

Airbus CEO,Tom Enders made his second 2010 trip to Japan in Feb to address why Airbus has 54% global market share, but only 5% of Japan’s. “It’s an unnatural situation”, he says. It is perfectly natural !. Boeing supplied not only what JAL and ANA wanted, quad and twin widebodies, but has a 50+ year Japanese customer, supplier, partner triangulation integration. To wit : ANA being launch customer for the B-787 and having Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as wing designer and supplier. A US launch airline would potentially fiscal-quarterly stagnate the product. To wit :NWA-B-744, UAL B-777, SWA B-737NG. QED !

Airbus COO, John Leahy is even more deluded in tone deaf blindness than Major Tom. John thinks that people chose to fly from Narita to Singapore because of the “A-380 effect” and “it takes an A-380 to compete with an A-380”. JAL in bankruptcy, has just grounded it’s B-744 fleet because it could not cut capacity fast enough to fill capacity in flying to Japan’s 98 mostly political pork barrel airports, which resulted in JAL’s airport charges being 9% of operating costs. Narita itself is highly slot restricted and Seoul’s Incheon is far more attractively unrestricted where giant KAL’s airport charges are 2.9% of operating costs. And John Leahy thinks JAL needs a Kamikaze-onomic A-380 ? …Come in Major Tom, come off it Lt. Leahy.


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It's all Greek DP to me !

Considering Patience Wheatcroft’s “Agenda” analysis of WSJE 02-16-10 of  the Greek fiscal Trojan Horse tragedy of cascading into the Club Med bay of PIGS, of it’s own Greek Finance Mythology-sorry-Ministry making, it is time to think out of the Euro-Brussels box of process being progress without ever the twain meeting, with maximum and decisive force. My fantasy would be viable if the European Commission committed less and omitted more and the Eurospacewaste Parliament moved singularly to Istanbul, to reduce it’s infinite bull produce. This was well illustrated with it’s latest SWIFT  financial disclosure action of Feb 12 via the Lisbon Treaty,(which I voted against on 06-12-08) to protect the financial privacy of hard working terrorists. Considering the EP’s history of financial probity, they are consistent at least. How many Greek MEP’s voted swiftly ?

Greece has it’s own alphabet descended from the Phoenician alphabet, it is now time to translate it’s equally unique economic alphabet, beyond Plato and parody to what it is, a Retsina soaked road to perdition.

To wit : GDP in Greek means Greek Decimal Point. As Communists are still undead there along with Portugal, Spain and Italy the deficit decimal is statistically moved to the hard left, upon receipt of current account data, so the reality of 2009 was 12.9%, so it was moved left to a Euro friendly 3.7% while it’s public debt decimal moves in the opposite direction to a crushing hard right of 112.9%.

Solution ?...Expedite the EU accession of the booming solvent Turks on the condition that they bail out their oldest foe and kiss and make up on both upper cheeks, avoiding the lower ones, the location of a European Parliament to Istanbul calling it a “Bull Bulwark Parliament” would be a typically apt vacuous gesture of Euro-solidarity.

Result ? A sun-stroked retsina-soaked EU member is sobered up by the reality of being bailed out by it’s arch nemesis. A Greek fiscal farce is bailed-out tragedy by a Turkish delight unifying Europe further. I can see the movie, “My Big Fat Acropolis Now !”, Greek mythological fiscal fact makes fiction redundant by any metric in the oldest Greek industry of all.


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Pitot pertinent points...Richard Chandless, Flight August 4-10 2009
On every aircraft since the 1981/2 B-767/B-757/A-310 revolution, the Pitot Heat-Air Data Heat/ADH was designed to be as foolproof as possible by making it non-selectable and active upon the first engine started. The B-717 & B-737NG are the exceptions to this rule of keeping the overhead panel in common with the previous generation to appease launch customer Southwest, among others. A shortsighted step backwards and a classic false economy, of doing the wrong Q 1-4 amortized thing righter, particularly when noting the loss of THY B-737-400 in Adana, Turkey on April 7th 1999 in severe convective cells with pitot heat off. Many B-737NG pitot heat omissions followed.

On May 12 2005, a Midwest Airlines B-717 in night IMC with heavy rain and icing @FL190 experienced significant airspeed and altitude excursions before the crew declared a Mayday and successful diversion to Kirksville Missouri, due to having omitted an “Ice protection panel”  call from the before takeoff checklist, a similar Hawaiian Airlines B-717 incident preceded this on March 5 2002.

The A-330/40 had this automatic foolproof system, but the better fool, in compliance with the law of probable frequency was the Thales pitot probe, with a numerable previous history of icing disability rendering automatic pitot heat activation safety, peripheral conditional, rather than central unconditional. As EASA on July 31 mandated their replacement with Goodrich probes illustrates that Thales did not measure up to it’s certificated paper weight, bringing into question it’s original certification. It is pertinent to note that a TAM and NWA A-330 suffered pitot failures straddling AF-447 on May 21 and June 23 respectively with cascading similar ACARS transmissions. AF-447 is only guilty by ACARS transmission association thus far, from the Atlantic abyss. The messenger transmitted symptoms of an undetermined cause.

Philosophically, the political/industrial complex of a nominal European manufacturer/integrator replacing a critical component with a nominal US manufacturer/integrator in a global world, rendering the nominal to a nostalgic label, would have pleased France’s Henri Pitot 1695-1771, knowing that his invention was improved in the New World from the old, beyond his wildest dreams and cascading convective nightmares beyond living comprehension.
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Bravo to the Bulletin-or is that Heil Moo ?

April 30th 2009 illustrates that Belgium is still the world capital of surrealism, neatly encapsulated in the Bulletin of that date. To wit : Reader Antonio mentioned the fact of the Flemish mobility minister - a surreal title in itself - is flying a political kite of chasing down dodgy foreign driver license holders to mitigate license laundering.

As Antonio pointed out, as up until the late 1960’s one could walk in and buy an official Belgian license. Now there are apparently 2 million demographically and chronographically challenged Belgian drivers that treat rules of the road, as interesting suggestions. The 1985 forged license holders caught in 2007 have equal validity, as they had to at least make some effort to reach a forged standard.

If one is cheating, one is trying hard. If caught ?, clearly, one is not trying hard enough. Must fail better.  Ireland had a similar retail license regime until 1979 when the “Environment Minister, Sylvester Barrett” granted an amnesty to previous test failures to clear a test candidate backlog. It is thought that the late Minister gained desperation inspiration from Belgium’s license regime.

Antonio was entertainingly informative enough, but then hilariously, Adolf Hitler’s 64th death anniversary was inadvertently marked with an illustration of the aptly “highly aggressive” Nazi Wunder Auroch/Ayrian Cows in Belgium, what a legacy !...a moo-t point ?. Nazi Germany was not especially noted for it’s humour.

However the Bulletin made a glaring omission, to wit : Is the dairy and beef produce of the beasts, Kosher ?  …Fiction made redundant yet again , ja ? Heil Moo !...Nazi humour is clearly no laughing matter.

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Kitty O' Shea's, County Schuman, Brussels. Sipping the Sham-Rock, Tuesday March 17 2009 (Printed in full in today's Bulletin)
From many years imbibing Brussels and Europe’s very healthy and sane drinking culture, I have long ago landed upon an  incontrovertible  gravitational truth. The micro mirrors the macro, reflecting it back to blind what is obvious, from the blind drunk to the sighted sober. And the only place where socialism has been proven to work is in a pub. One who stands his ground must stand his round.

An afternoon of acute sober clarity in Brussels Kitty O’ Shea’s pub dawned on Paddy’s Day, Tuesday March 17th 2009. It was provided by two Irish journalists, namely Ann Cahill of Cork’s Irish Examiner and Jamie Smyth of Dublin’s Irish Times.

St. Sir Bob “invited” European Commission President Jose Manuel Barosso to Kitty O’ Shea’s in County Schuman to “wet the shamrock”, in Ireland it is downed and drowned. St. Sir Bob was going on with his usual mantra of barracking Western governments via post-colonial guilt to pour taxpayer funds into the bottomless pit of  “Developing Kleptocracies” that he does not contribute to, since the noble effort of LiveAid on July 13th 1985, that I contributed to in my naivety. He is aided and abetted by U2’s St. Sir Bono, surprisingly absent from this sham rock gig. Pouring taxpayer’s money directly into kleptocracies is not enough for St. Sir Bob. So, making a bad situation worse is doing the same via the UN’s “foggy bottom” Millennium development programme. No mention of lowering EU and other tariff walls to actually encourage real trade instead of guilt aid.

This was nothing but a mutually self-serving PR exercise. BS is the inverse square root of all PR, so Bob and Barasso were in good mutual admiration company with each other. With St. Sir Bob living in a tax shelter and Snr. Barosso sheltered by the taxpayer, they are shielded from the daily reality of actually paying one’s bills while pontificating to real workers to pay their guilt bills. As witnessed by the two journalists , Bob and Barosso charged in with staff lackies and media assistants. They were not men enough, despite their wealth, both earned and remunerated, to do the descent thing and buy everyone in the pub a pint on St. Paddy’s. Europe’s real uniter, Ryanair’s Michael O’ Leary, does this occasionally in Mullingar.

The duet of Bob & Barro, stayed for 20 minutes, sipped, not lipped, 2 pints of Guinness. As if that was not culturally insulting enough on Paddy’s Day, these wet-fish Nancy-boy freeloading wasters, then left without paying, leaving two glasses half full of emptiness, like themselves. “An onlooker offered to pick up the tab for the two pints”, according to Ann Cahill.

Publicans, hoteliers and restaurateurs should oblige their staff be aware of these two parasites and demand cash up front before any service is tendered and warn other taxpayers keep their hands on their wallets at all times while in their drinking and poverty and guilt pontification radius. Needless to say, no food should be served, as one is likely to throw up and Bob and Barro will waltz away from the ensuing mess, in the tradition of being the spoilt child of the bad habit of indulgence.

The Bulletin 26/03/2009

... and comment from Gilbert Doctorow on Bulletin of April 2 2009.

Bulletin 2/4/2009


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Vive La Yves...Bulletin Nov 20 2008
EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes is miffed that Belgian PM did not bother calling her on a Sunday to inform her that his was engineering the formation of a new Belgian multinational or putting a new meaning on the term.
This started in the UK last year when it’s Northern rock was transformed into a National Crock. In September Ireland guaranteed it’s banks, quickly followed by Germany and Britain after rightly criticizing the Irish move for it’s de-stabilizing effects. Where does it end ?, how long is a piece of string. The Commission approved all of these head spinning events after the fact.
This illustrates that a monetary union is not a fiscal union and while the ECB sets interest rates like the US Federal Reserve there is no Central US style Treasury to open or close the fiscal spigots. This is the Euro’s central flaw.
It also exposes the central flaw of the European Commission, that commits too much and omits too little with monotonous regularity. They are nothing more than irrelevant gob-smacked spectators in a world where banking is moving at light speed issuing meaningless directives from their tower of Babel where process is progress and progress is process and never the twain shall meet in perpetuity.
Yves Laterme has followed the other Euro-members and concluded that Neelie Kroes and her cabinet colleagues are more intellectually suited for measuring and regulating the angular curvature of bananas. I disagree, the European Commission is far more suited to regulating the angular curvature of carrots and other sub-terrainian vegetables.

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The 3 Suited Beggars Of Detroit
A blue collar worker is salaried. A CEO is compensatory remunerated for cutting those blue collar workers, numerically or beneficially to further efficiency. Many of these assembly workers are compensated for not working with a de-facto salary and health benefits for previously agreed union-corporate legacy partnership. The so-called Detroit “Jobs Bank” with unlimited credit in these turbulent financial times. To feed this elephant in the room, elephantine vehicles with elephantine margins were the order of the day, week, month and years on end, such as pick-up trucks and SUV’s. The ephemeral oil spike of July cured that excess,as price always does. That was long overdue, but the elephants, steered by monkeys continue to ponder their weight and speed ratio. The Detroit elephants only know how to charge through the nose, they don’t know where the trunk ends and it’s not the trunk Route 66 they are on but a road to perdition. Of the “Big 3” CEO’s of Detroit that came begging for tax relief of many collars and colours to Washington on Nov 19, GM’s Rick Wagoner arrived in GM’s G-4 business jet in the media spotlight, costing a mere US$20000 rtn.
Ford’s Alan Mulally and Chrysler’s Robert Nardelli traveled separately for , eh, security reasons and obviously under non-ABC media radar. Alan, formerly Boeing CEO has trouble kicking the plane habit as plain folk understand and commutes back to Seattle at the weekend from the grime of the hoi poloi of blue collar Motown, who can blame him ?, 2 wings to 4 wheels is a traumatic transition, by any metric. From the mission to Washington, it is obvious that automotive CEO’s don’t plane pool or take hitch hikers. It gives a whole new meaning to the ever decreasing margins on SUV’s , namely Selfish User Vehicles or Stupid Unnecessary Vehicles.
Rick’s compensation is US$16 million. No, not in blue collar understanding of tort compensation for being in a car wreck, like GM, Ford or Chrysler, for example nor for having to take the aforementioned Gulfstream conveyance. No, in little blue collar people’s understanding, that is his incentive for further blue collar efficiency. “Flogging shall continue until morale and CEO bonus’s improve” and “Tighten your belts as I loosen mine!” Rick was looking for a mere $10-12bn of socialist largesse for GM. General Motors as the biggest of the 3 don’t do specifics, hence the generality of the $10-12bn pleaded request demand. General or what ? Tradition is truly the spoiled child of bad habit.
While Congress cannot allow the collapse of the “Big 3” in aggregate due to supplier tsunami collapse affecting the “Japanese Big 3” too and macro-economic resultant consumer collapse. The “Motown Big 3” should be taken off the road to nowhere they were on to the hard shoulder they are on and be directed to where Toyota, Honda and Nissan have led the market without the inherited legacy costs. If the lunatics have taken over the Motown asylum, the keys to the pharmacy need to be kept in Washington, where it has no lock or stock but a large pork barrel under a cuckoo’s nest for safe keeping. No thieving magpies feathering their nests obviously, even overt insanity has limitations.
As for the US$25bn aggregate bail out, short of a top floor bale-out, Rick, Alan and Robert should be offered another automotive free option that it is only retrievable in iron ore deposits, as the 3 suited beggars of Motown still think irony is a piece of metal. At least they have the social consideration to make fiction redundant before their workers and long after going back to the DeLorian GM future…QED !

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Emissions Hijacking, WSJ July 17th 2008...
Emissions Hijacking ?, Emission Impossible is more apt. Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary referred to the European Commission and it’s unholy de-facto alliance with the European Parliament as an “Evil Empire”, as Ronald Reagan originally referred to the Soviet Union, that never was a union, like the Parliament.

So in deference to tradition, being the spoilt child of bad habit, the Empire has struck back. The Parliament voted to accept the Commission’s latest attempt at world domination via the environ-mental cult religion.

It is very difficult for time-serving, self-servers in Brussels and mini-me Strasbourg to comprehend the outside world apart from when MEP’s sign for expense claims on Friday morning to catch a carbon–emitting flight home from a grueling week of echo-chamber nothingness at the Parliament, without any sense of non-traded hypocritical irony. Outside on planet reality, aviation is a very clean burner of fossil fuel. When is the last time you saw a smoke trail from a departing contemporary commercial jet ?, none, apart from semi-visible thermal trails. The B-747-400 45 tonne payload ,burns 10 tonnes an hour, the B-777-300 burns 7 tonnes an hour. Japan Airlines among others replaced the former with the latter nearly 3 years ago to Europe, as a 10% drop in operational cost trumped a 1% drop in revenue. Most B-747-8 series sold now are of the original freighter genesis,115 tonne payload, single class, as the hollowed out volume can balance the burn. A clear market strategy from a recovered state airline leads the manufacturers.

A reality check,

1) The Commission should commit a lot less and omit a lot more hot air for humanity’s sake.

2) The more any activity is taxed, the less gained by producers to invest in efficient improvement and consumers in value and choice.

3) There has never been in Planet reality Earth’s history no climate change, there never will be.

4) Relating to #3 there has never been in Planet Earth’s history a mass market media.

5) The current price of oil makes previous challenging exploration zones now economically viable to increase supply and reduce demand. This law of nature, like gravity has never changed nor will it.

6) The EC via the EP make the UN look coherent.

As the Eurocrats demonstrate with monotonous regularity, pardon the pun, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but their understanding in aggregate, is the inverse square root of that little knowledge.


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